First and foremost, the core objective of our website is to offer up a whole range of interesting, useful and pleasant items such as furniture plans for the hobbyist to build, finish and enjoy.

Hoping to get you some well deserved appreciation while sawing away at your lonely work-bench, we can provide magnificent composite Jigsaw Puzzles to engage your family too.

On the path to accomplishing anything creative we certainly don’t expect everyone to simply grab a Project, jump in with both feet and happily produce a winning output.

That just isn’t the nature of woodwork projects is it !

If it were, then the enjoyment of creativity would get a touch frantic I would think.

We like to believe our plan users will take things at a steady pace, think forward and ensure they understand how we have taken this particular project forward ourselves, so they can readily see how the job can be started and successfully completed with their own hands.

The old saying is to measure twice and cut once. Great advice indeed.

Unless you are setting up a production unit where multiples are the rule, then steady is the way to work all projects. It is how we started ourselves, as our original background was engineering and we had to learn this ‘woodwork stuff’ along the way, mostly without any help at all.

What was astonishing then and still is now…is how this hobby is so amazingly easy to turn into a way of life. Probably what many of us were put on this earth to do….build an income producing hobby of our own.





While we appreciate some might view certain of the displayed furniture pieces as ambitious or possibly quite challenging, we really do hope you will eventually graduate to taking on a more serious piece and working steadily to complete it. In general, once the cut pieces are made up, most of the following work is just sensible assembly and finishing.

On the way, you are welcome to email us directly if you hit a problem with interpretation or make an error and need to overcome it.  Basically, we are here to help you make each of these plans become real. There are many ways to shortcut all or just the more difficult parts of the work, and there are certainly various ways to lessen your raw materials costs too.

The beauty of real timber is that it is entirely warm and forgiving.  Mistakes can be modified, incorporated, concealed, reduced, patched. Every move can be justified and every final result can become magnificent and entirely unique.  This is mostly what we love about working with timbers, along with the incredible range of colours, grains, cuts, styles, uses, strengths and personalities that we will all meet along the way.

So, do feel free to communicate with us.  Send us your issues, questions and even photos of your finished work. Perhaps we will be able to post them up onsite here and get you some well deserved bragging rights.



Help & Support.


As our site matures we will respond to suggestions and doubtless eventually get a proper forum going too, so we can all communicate about matters of interest.

For those that do get bitten by the woodwork bug and start to notice how many opportunities there are to turn your hobby into an income, we are currently editing an excellent start-up and grow book that will be released somewhere on our Home Page very soon.

The book is rather more than a theory.

It is authored internally from almost 30 years experience in this business, where an unintended start-up with $300 and zero furniture knowledge became a $4Million turnover via a 40,000 sq ft factory and huge showroom within the first 6 years.

It will teach you the least-risk way to establish, start and grow through the same journey our factory made, while keeping your assets safe and costs contained at all times. Even set-up costs can be decently reduced with a little guidance.

This isn’t a story book.

It is a genuine ‘business start-up guide’ with various data sheets, business tools, marketing calculators, growth considerations, management tips, safety factors, money makers and other valuable pointers based entirely on many years of successful commercial experience. We are confident it will set you well on your way.



Brian & Team

© BJB 2013

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