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© BJB 1995-2012 Building Steps for :- Corner Entertainment Unit General Notes : Changing set dimensions will often affect other parts, so check the impact carefully if you decide to make any adjustments. • We don’t generally advise what screws, fixings or tools might be required to build our projects so please do go over the • drawings and BOM to ascertain what you might need. It can only be good practice to maintain a comprehensive 1 st Aid kit in your home or workshop, and do establish some well • considered plans for any small emergencies. Remember you are dealing with sharp tools and machinery, so stay safe. • General Tips : Make up timber or plywood drilling jigs to accurately align dowel or pin holes. • When using veneer boards (DSV) it is a good habit to always properly edge all raw areas. • Always seal, lacquer or polish timbers equally all over to resist moisture & dust damage. • While not working raw surfaces, always plastic cover or wrap parts to prevent uneven moisture movement. Stack on pallet or • sticks and cover

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