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like to produce what part in which order and from what material. My unit is made from (mostly) solid Australian Red Gum,
which frankly isn’t the best furniture timber I could choose because it often cracks and likes to twist. However, it’s a beautiful
Before you leap forward into this magnificent project, take time to study through all the materials, think on how you would

bridges and railway sleepers. timber and in an even humidity environment it should stay reasonably stable. Redgum was popular in Australia for use in old Using the supplied Bill Of Materials, obtain all the required materials from your hardware store or have a local tradesperson make up all or just certain parts for you. Having various panels made for you is often a good way to prepare the more difficult pieces, although if you have the space, clamps and finishing tools it is fairly simple to make up most items. Larger surfaces can be difficult to get flat without some If you wish to economise the build of this unit, several component pieces can even be replaced with Double Sided Veneer board. If you do this I would recommend you also veneer all edges and ends so the board is totally closed and tidy. Take care Likewise, many of the pieces where I suggest DSV could be made with solid timbers, although these are generally in places where they are hidden or are not show pieces. Being entirely stable I mainly suggest 10mm thick DSV for drawer boxes as this might

Building Steps : experience. with the sizes.

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