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While these dry, cut, drill and prepare the five width rails ‘E’. Matching dowel holes need to be available in the upper rim of

‘E’ with ‘B’ legs ‘B’, with a matching pair prepared for panels ‘J’ once they are prepared and dimensioned. Fit rails ‘D’ before assembling Lower panels ‘J’ have length excess for trimming to fit around the legs as required, but these shoulders should be measured from one side only to ensure proper fit. The shoulders must be the same length as rails ‘E’. Test position and then trim to fit, ensuring 5mm rear inset to allow for the back ply. Then shape and detail the panels prior fixing in, and not forgetting that these two lower panels are not shaped with the same length curve. These 2 lower panels ‘J’ are doweled to legs ‘B’ from inside the shoulder rebate. Dimension and install the two divider panels ‘I’ as shown. Parts ‘M’ can be screwed in place. Concealment panel ‘S’ could be fixed into the RH unit or left until the entire unit is polished so as to prevent overspray errors during lacquering. I suggest you now fit the drawer runners and double-check the drawer dimensions, as some components may need trimming to sizes dictated by the runners used. The run

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