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Next produce the 2 parts ‘E’ which need to have a 45 degree angle on one long edge. Also produce one rear stabilizer leg ‘S’

properly. and machine a 45 degree bevel to both long edges. If veneer board these edges will need veneer or solid edging to finish them Produce one rear panel ‘G’ and machine a 45 degree bevel on both long edges, then the drawer housing can be constructed and fixed between the main surfaces ‘B’ and ‘C’. The sizes I have provided might need trimming to suit variations in actual sizes. Panels ‘F’ might be better fixed to the underside of surface ‘B’ by use of a lower cleat or by dowels or Lamelo biscuits, so no screws show up on the upper surface of ‘B’ although panel ‘C’ could be screwed into place.. Next task is to install the small legs ‘N’ which along with stabilizer ‘S’ will support the unit until it is fixed between the two wing sections, where it will sit on ledges provided by parts ‘M’. If the main top ‘A’ is ready then it should be cleaned up and test fitted to the corner unit, where the 2 back ply sections can be fitted into the top rebate and test fitted too. While all three cabinets are aligned and the cabinets fixed together from inside, the fron

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