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each unique item through the stages to become exactly what the buyer wanted. Rediscovering a photo or an old plan and recalling the name and
I’m Brian. I’ve spent the last 35 years designing, manufacturing and selling rather a lot of my own furniture, but the time has come to hang up the
anything that can be designed can be drawn; Any drawing can be constructed and anything that can be constructed can be finished with soul to
through the drawings and photographs of all the beautiful items we’ve created, we can certainly enjoy the clear recall and experience of taking
Despite that I stared my working life as an engineer and have no formal training in furniture design or build, perhaps you will learn as I did that
We hope you will appreciate that every piece of furniture shown here has been made by us at some stage, and while we can now only wander

earmuffs and offer my services to others, so I’m now swapping the roar of the workshop for the hum of my pc.
Hello and welcome to our new furniture plans store.

face of the customer it was created for…that can’t be replaced.

become beautiful, tactile and functional.

grade furniture makers too. With more than 50 skilled individuals working with me for many years, my own learning has included the skill of teaching others to become top No matter what you do for a living or a hobby, this is where we are meant to be; In the workshop creating a personal something. Immensely satisfying and distinctly good for the ego when someone else appreciates your efforts and skills too. If you take this up as a hobby or even a new career direction, you’ll find 90% of the work is entirely logical and can be planned forward. There are some technical skills that could come in handy as you get to them but you may realise as I did, that most of the ‘hard bits’ generally have an obvious and simple solution if you think for a moment. Experience, a little study and your imagination will always amaze you as you grow. I have recently noticed other sites offering furniture plans, where some only offer computer generated renderings of ‘their works’. These are often just mass produced theoretical items computer created by outworkers and have

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