Privacy Policy

General Policy Overview

This Privacy Policy covers our management, storage and use of any personal information provided when an order is placed with us and is required solely in order to facilitate digital or physical delivery of whatever product or service is purchased from any of our current sites.

No information will be requested that is not directly necessary for our client order fulfillment.

Our own privacy policy does not apply to other ownership business or service that may be utilizing our site services, or be otherwise listed on our business website. Nor does it extend to people that Comnet Resources Pty Ltd does not directly employ or have direct instructional responsibility for.

Information Collection and Use

We collect minimal information only, strictly in order to undertake the tasks required. Whatever the information collected, such as your name, contact address, telephone or email address is only requested to assist us to satisfy customer requirements from time to time and to manage our business affairs and records.

The Company only retains email records to provide any follow-up information subsequent to your order placement or enquiry. With your consent we would be happy to periodically provide information about various other products or data through our business relationships, where we feel you would likely have interest, but this will only be undertaken with your direct consent.

Information Sharing and Disclosure

Our Company maintains your email address and other provided information in a secured location that allows only management access. We do not allow others to share, take or utilize your restricted private information for any purpose.

Your contact information will not be available to any other party or agency. Your right to unsubscribe will be provided at the base of all our communications, so as to enable you to best manage our contacts for your personal convenience. You may remove yourself from our files entirely should you so decide, although in truth our contacts will be fairly sparse and certainly only with the best of intentions. We do not and will not spam.

Cookies are not used by our Company Websites and you will control any downloads from us.

Your email and other information will be stored in a protected directory. Access is restricted to Company management only.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

The Company may be caused to amend this policy from time to time. However, if significant changes are made in the way your personal information is managed, or if your right to privacy is challenged in any way, we will email you directly and make you aware what any change proposals might entail and what potential ramifications may come forward.

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